Tai Chi: Internet-Learning with Videos                                      24-48 posture taijiquan




 Just watching the movies alone, you can not easily memorize the actions of Tai Chi.

Watching the continuous still image, reading the commentary on the operation at the same

time is useful for acquiring the motion.

In this "Learning by Movie Net Tai Chi Class"

In addition to all the canals and videos for each formula, continuous introduction and

continuous still images (so-called frame shooting) and detailed explanations are prepared

in 24 models.

Understand the flow of motion and let's learn firmly from the commentary on how to move

hands, arms, feet, legs and center of gravity movement.



Table of contents

1.Introduction Tai Chi:

posture1 to 24 are movies + continuous still images + detailed commentary


 24posture (1 to 24)

1: Commencing (起勢:Qishi)

2: Part the Wild Horse's Mane (野馬分zong:Yema Fenzong)

3:White Crane Spreads Its Wings (白鶴亮翅:Baihe Liangchi)

4:Brush knee and Step Foward (Lou膝拗歩:Louxi Aobu)

:Playing the Lute (手揮琵琶:Shouhui Pipa)